Why You Might Want To Rethink Tagging Your Friends on that New Music Post

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If the dislike button really existed, they’d probably be used the most on these types of post…

Imagine this: you’ve just completed a video promo for your new single. You, of course, want as many people as possible to see this promo vid because you know if they get to see it, they’ll definitely be interested in getting it and supporting. However, you know that because of the way social media works, not all of your friends and followers will get to see it. As a matter of fact, you’d be lucky if half  of the people that like your Facebook page see that promo you worked so hard on completing.

With no real money to spend on buying ads and reach for the days/weeks leading up to your release, you start to think of a short list of people you want to tag onto your video. Or maybe your approach is to tag as many of your friends/followers as you can until you reach the maximum amount of tags.

While you continue working out that shortlist of people in your head, here’s a shortlist of reasons you might want to forego massive tagging:

  1. No one likes being randomly tagged in posts unrelated to themselves.

According to Google trends, a large majority people who search tagging on social media aren’t trying to find out how to tag people on their posts; they’re people trying to UNTAG themselves from a post, or even stop people from tagging them altogether. Deeper research shows that 9 out of 10 times, the posts they’re avoiding are unrelated to them.

An true-to-life representation of the reaction people have when you tag them in unrelated posts…

I’m never one to list issues without presenting solutions, so here’s a (longer) shortlist with alternative (free) solutions to maximize your reach:

  1. If you’re gonna tag anyone, tag whoever is involved with the project you’re on and give them their credit! The post is actually relevant to them, and they’re more likely to share it than anyone else. This extended your reach to their friends as well!
  2. Chances are there are a few people on that list you had earlier that you regularly talk to. You could just as easily tell them about your video AND your single in one shot via text, dm, or even in person. Sending an individual message and asking if they don’t mind sharing increases your chances of reaching their friends list as well (Side note: if there is anyone on that list you’re not comfortable with texting or messaging, they probably shouldn’t have been on your tag list in the first place).
  3. There are tons of pages, groups, and profiles for every genre of music that are specifically designed to promote indie artists like you. If you’re willing to do the legwork, those pages can post/repost your content to their followers. Even if your success rate is 10%, that just means the more pages you contact and show your work to, the larger that 10% pool grows!

You’ll be swimming in a sea full of approval in no time!

Hopefully this was of some use to you. Have any other solutions that work for you or someone you know? Drop some knowledge in the comments section!

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